What is "off-price" retail?

Off-price means that we are partnering with brands to sell their excess inventory at a lower price. For Oneoff and our partners, this model allows these smaller sustainable brands to make sure they aren't contributing to clothing waste while also getting amazing clothing into beautiful hands like yours.

You don't have my size in an item, will you restock soon?

Based on the nature of our business, our stock quantities are irregular. We purchase our garments from our partners when they have limited stock leftover, so it is unlikely we will restock it. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to reach out and we'll see if we can track it down for you!

You're a sustainability based brand, does that translate to packaging?

You know it. We are proud members of NoIssue's Eco Packaging Alliance.  That little note inside? It was written on 100% recycled paper. We use NoIssue compostable and recycled mailers to ship your package. 

Details matter to us, which is why our logoed stickers are plastic-free and made from acid-free paper.

We use EcoEnclose recycled and biodegradable tissue paper to wrap your order.

Eco Alliance Badge

Think we can do more? Let us know!

How can I be featured on Oneoff's IG?

Our favorite question. Tag, tag, tag! We can't wait to see you rock your Oneoff.