Meet Kiley

Hi! I'm Kiley, the founder of Oneoff.

The idea for Oneoff was born when I became passionate about sustainable fashion, but I struggled to financially support the brands I admired on the tight budget of a college student.

I wondered if there was a way I could support the brands fighting the good fight while making high quality, ethically made clothing more accessible.

My goal is to empower consumer's to shop and wear their values, regardless of their budget. After all, you are what you wear ;)

  • School Project!

    I wrote the business plan for Oneoff as my Senior Honors Thesis.

  • Packing Orders!

    I pack each order that comes in and it's a feeling that never gets old.

  • Launch Day!

    My most precious jenga ever with the orders that came in on launch day.

Oneoff is a family affair. Because of my parents, my siblings, and my dearest friends, Oneoff is possible! Many of them are pictured above, including Oneoff's beloved mascot Buoy.